Interactive and mobile

I led storyline/content development, creative direction and deployment for these interactive and mobile user experiences that were produced by vendor partners.

Mobile development interactive quiz: The concept for this interactive quiz was to illustrate the key concepts from the study in a fun, visual game. The goal for this project was twofold – to engage a different audience (developers) while testing the capabilities of a new vendor that we hadn’t worked with previously. While we wanted to stay aligned to the theater theme of the overall study, we also wanted this user experience to be more casual and cartoon-like in nature to appeal to the target audience. Developers could play the game multiple times to see what their score was and share it with their network in a friendly competition of showing off their skills and knowledge. Also available on

Watson Business Coach Write My Story: The goal of this first-of-a-kind Watson-powered interactive tool was to help clients learn about cognitive computing based on their current needs and goals. By answering a few simple questions to “write” their business story, clients (C-Level, IT, LOB, & Developer) receive a personalized cognitive roadmap from Watson.The roadmap includes real stories of organizations similar to them who have successfully implemented cognitive computing, along with the next steps for how to get started. This was a different kind of assessment experience for a few reasons – it was powered by Watson, it was collaborative (inviting the user to “write” their story rather than just Q&A), and users could interact with Watson at any point if they desired as part of their overall experience of the Watson Business Coach tool. Key features included:

  • Hook: talk to Watson to learn how leaders are using cognitive to get ahead
  • How-to: personalized roadmap
  • Campaigns: for clients in early-mid journey stages
  • Qualified lead-gen: linked to IBM lead capture process
  • Easy sales tool: right from iPad

Watson Business Coach iPad app: The executive sponsor for the Watson Business Coach wanted an iPad version produced for the seller audience.  As there were only three weeks left until the launch of the app at the World of Watson event, time was of the essence. To save time, we leveraged an existing mobile app framework built for another IBM client. I also tapped into our existing design team to help produce the graphics needed to create the iPad app. It launched on time in both the Apple store and IBM app store for sellers to download and use with their clients.

Business Tech Trends Industry Dashboard: This was the fourth year this study was being published and the second year an interactive dashboard was produced. The primary goal for this industry dashboard was to showcase the adoption, investment and skills trends in the four major technology areas, including study data from two years. While the design work to update the previous dashboard was minimal, there were some key updates made to ensure that the refreshed design aligned with current branding, accommodated the additional data points well and was viewable on a mobile device.

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