Cognitive for social good: Environment

Thought leadership project overview

Protecting the environment: How cognitive technology is helping to sustain the natural world (April 2017)

Cognitive computing (artificial intelligence) was still in the early stages of adoption. To help IBM gain market mindshare during this critical time, our Strategic Editorial and Creative team had already completed several initiatives, such as a market research study, long form articles and an interactive client reference tool. As a followup to that work, this research aimed to show the promise of cognitive technologies for social good by exploring how cognitive computing is helping us tackle some of society’s most important challenges. We interviewed more than 60 experts who are applying cognitive technology in key areas such as social services, the environment, education and public safety.


I led the environment portion of this research, which included background research, interviews with more than 15 experts, analysis and writing the article. I also led the web page design and photo selection for the whole series of articles and wrote some of the campaign blog posts. Assets that I produced included:


Study page layout and photo selection
Environment article (researched, interviewed experts, wrote)
Cognitive Business Medium blog post (wrote)
GreenBiz post (wrote)
Share this (AI for social good) – produced

Executive blog (ghostwrite)






Key results included:

  • Featured on the IBM home page twice as part of ongoing corporate messaging around cognitive computing capabilities for public good (for the main suite of articles and for the environment article)
  • Featured on the IBM Corporate Responsibility home page (screenshot and on
  • Helped build the case for cognitive capabilities for social good and raise IBM eminence in this space
  • Demonstrated a variety of use cases for cognitive computing in the public good space through expert insights across a broad cross-section of projects
  • Increased dialogue including Forbes, GreenBiz and Cognitive Business Medium coverage

Study description

Cognitive for social good: Environment. Led research, interviews, and wrote.

“Doing good in the cognitive era: Environment”: The growing human impact on our natural world is galvanizing nations, organizations and citizens to come together to protect the environment for future generations. It’s no easy challenge since the relevant information is often siloed and decision makers are reluctant to act without a high degree of certainty. Despite these challenges, cognitive technology is paving the way forward for better conservation of natural resources, earlier pollution detection, greener choices for consumers, and learning from nature’s ecosystems.

“Doing good in the cognitive era: How augmented intelligence benefits us all”:  To understand how cognitive technology will benefit us as individuals in all our various roles – as parents, students, citizens and advocates, we had in-depth conversations with more than 60 pioneers who are applying cognitive technology for social good in key areas such as social services, the environment, education and public safety. The insights they shared revealed a keen understanding that tackling society’s toughest challenges requires the best of human and machine capabilities, not one or the other.

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