• Sustainability communications
  • Environmental writing
  • Wildlife journalism
  • Conservation research and reporting
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Science writing and editing
  • Sustainable business program manager
  • Environmental community manager

An avid gardener and fan of wildlife documentaries, I have been passionate about the natural world my whole life. Recently I began to realize that the burgeoning corporate interest in this space could lead to an intriguing intersection of personal and professional focus. Businesses are paying close attention to threats from dwindling natural resources and the opportunity that sustainability can bring to the bottom line.  As a proven leader, strategic thinker and communicator with deep technology and cross-industry experience, I am committed to applying a diverse skill set to helping organizations explore solutions to environmental challenges both locally and globally.

Capabilities –  content marketing and communications / writing / brand and community management / program management

Specialties – green technology, thought leadership, marketing, sustainability, forests, conservation, climate change, carbon, environmental, corporate social responsibility, renewables, ESG, wildlife and biodiversity.

Samples of my work follow:

Cognitive for social good: Protecting the environment
Green technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning
Thought leadership marketing
Renewable energy
Natural resources
Watson Green Advisor
Green technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning
Sustainable business
Climate change
Carbon emissions
Greenmix@IBM Community
Green technology
Sustainable business
Community management
Internal communications

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