I led storyline/content development, creative direction and deployment for these videos that were produced by vendor partners. In both cases, a video format was chosen to convey a complex concept in a creative, intuitive way. Additional video materials I have developed include video interview guides/scripts and an award nomination.

Charting the social universe: The creative concept for the video sought to quickly and succinctly convey some of the high-level findings from the study. Using the universe as a metaphor, possible social entry points for customers, or “social ambitions” as we called them, were colorfully illustrated as constellations. And we playfully posed a simple challenge to our audience “Feeling ambitious?”

Our message to buyers and users of social was focused and clear. You don’t become a social business overnight. It’s a journey. From studying the experiences of pioneers already pursuing social ambitions, other companies can get insights on how they might approach that particular step in their social business transformation.

Deploying Watson in your organization: The goal for this interactive video was to provide a visually immersive experience on the steps for deploying Watson in your organization. Because cognitive/AI technology was still in the early stages of adoption, there were several misperceptions in the market. For example, some believed it could be purchased in a box and then simply plugged into existing systems. Others felt that cognitive systems replaced the need for human expertise. Still others may have felt that the technology is too niche and expensive for their organization. In reality, it takes time and human interaction with cognitive systems to get quality insights, and it can be scaled up or down, depending on business need. By exploring this clickable animation, clients could quickly learn more about the essential steps for implementing cognitive technology as part of their overall experience of the Watson Business Coach tool.

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