Nonprofit Communications


  • Nonprofit communications
  • Environmental writing
  • Wildlife journalism
  • Conservation research and reporting
  • Science writing and editing
  • Member community manager
  • Fundraising prospectus

As a communications team of one for Species360, a global nonprofit, I am managing the entire marketing program including event collateral, announcements, web/digital, email campaigns, social media and more. This includes fundraising proposals and development of prospectus materials for foundational and corporate sponsors.

Specialties – conservation, thought leadership, marketing, climate change, forests, carbon, environmental, wildlife and biodiversity, zoos, aquariums

A few samples of my work follow:

Aquariums and Coral Reefs
Coral reefs
Thought leadership marketing
Climate change
Data4Wildlife Series
Influencer interviews
Video storytelling
Animal Data Science Video
Video storytelling
Nonprofit value
Evolution of zoos & aquariums
Conveying complex idea
My blogs
Influencer interviews
Member spotlight
Corporate Sponsorship
Web page design and copy

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