Quantum computing

Thought leadership project overview

A quantum of possibilities: The business advantages of taking the quantum leap

In the competitive race with Google to gain market mindshare in the quantum computing space, IBM Research planned to bring together experts in academia, business and venture capital in a ThinkQ event  in early December. As we wanted to extend our focus on emerging technology topics, it was an excellent opportunity for our team (IBM Center for Applied Insights) to build a relationship with IBM Research for future collaboration while supporting their immediate goal of building mindshare. We worked with them to conduct qualitative interviews with several experts for the thought leadership study to be launched at the event. By interviewing and engaging the experts to be part of the study, it not only lent additional credibility to the research but also helped to deepen IBM’s relationship with those experts.


The timeline was a challenge from a content development perspective since we only had three weeks (the typical production timeline for a full suite of assets was six to eight weeks). As the Content Marketing Lead, I managed creative design, production and deployment of content assets including the white paper, infographics, social tile graphics, and landing pages (see the gallery of major study assets for visual assets). Additional assets that I produced or led development of include the following. 

Study photo selection
Study landing page layout and copy
Internal employee engagement page (Produced)
Internal employee enablement page (Produced)
White paper / ebook – Content marketing lead






Having the assets ready in time for the event was essential to the overall success. Some key factors that facilitated achieving the timeline included having a strong strong vendor partner (Tenet) willing to commit to the timeline and strong support from both IBM teams. Key results included:

  • Featured in pre-emptive announcement by IBM Research on day before Google/NASA quantum event was to take place
  • 30.8M Twitter impressions
  • 153 press mentions
  • Simplified a complex topic for non-technical audiences to understand the business value of quantum
  • Created a lexicon for business leaders, technologists and scientists to talk about the future of quantum
  • Established relationships with influential experts from prestigious institutions including MIT, Harvard, Yale
  • Increased dialogue including Forbes, Think, and IBM CAI blog coverage

Study description

Quantum computers promise exponential leaps in speed and power over what is attainable by traditional computers today. Harnessing such capabilities would accelerate innovation across industries and the world, providing companies with extraordinary advantage in areas as diverse as pharmaceuticals and encryption to weather forecasting and large-scale modeling. And the wait may be shorter than you think. The IBM Center for Applied Insights interviewed experts in the quantum computing to learn about the latest breakthroughs in the field and the business benefit across applications and industries.

Firmographics: 6-8 qualitative interviews with participants in the academic community identified by IBM’s Quantum Computing Research team, supplemented by qualitative findings derived from social listening.


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