IBM Insight: Real-time data transforming the world

IBMInsight_SeizeThisMoment_medLast week I had the opportunity to attend IBM Insight in Las Vegas.  Insight is IBM’s annual conference focused on Big Data & Analytics and is one of IBM’s largest annual conferences with nearly 13,000 attendees spread over 1500 sessions and labs.  The theme for this year was ‘Seize This Moment,’ alluding to the transformative impact of data on business and the world.

There’s no disputing the fact that data and analytics is fueling competitive advantage and becoming more central to decision-making.  In fact, in our recent IBM Business Tech Trends study, we found that analytical insights are an integral part of decision-making for nearly 7 in 10 leading companies. This was borne out in some of the big ideas at Insight as well, namely real-time insights and analytics for everyone.  It wasn’t just talked about – you could see it in action. There were up-to-the-moment insights from the event shown live everywhere you looked.

Live insights on IBM Insight at the event
Live analytics on IBM Insight at the event

Some of the major topics covered at the event included:

  • Cognitive computing and IBM Watson
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Real-time insights and putting data to work
  • Integration of data and analytics with other technologies (cloud, mobile, social)

IBM also seized the moment by making a major analytics strategy announcement during the Wednesday general session about the new partnership with Twitter to integrate Twitter data with IBM Analytics services on the cloud.

How are you seizing the moment as data transforms the world?


Originally published on the IBM Center for Applied Insights blog Nov 2014

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