4 ways AI helps business protect the environment

The environment is a “hot” topic – as global temperatures have warmed since 1850, the discussion on what to do about it has warmed as well. Climate change continues to disrupt weather patterns, temperatures and water availability, leading to impacts on human and natural ecosystems – even the forests are on the move.

A challenge of this magnitude is causing nations and citizens to take notice and come together to protect the environment for future generations. Businesses are paying even closer attention, and for good reason. Dwindling natural resources represent a core threat to industries that depend on them for their products, such as energy, mining, oil, gas, paper, beverage, and agriculture. Businesses are also looking at the bottom line as studies have shown that a focus on sustainability helps drive competitive advantage in areas like reputation, risk reduction, financial performance, innovation and talent acquisition. Looking ahead, protection of the planet may also represent one of the fastest growing market opportunities for business leaders (projected to be $12 trillion a year in less than 15 years). As one example, a recent report indicates that U.S. solar industry may be creating jobs up to 17 times faster than any other industry in the country.

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse June 15, 2017

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