The Ultimate Guide for Environmental Journalists and Nature Writers

How to find the best freelance writing gigs in sustainability, conservation, and green business markets

I made this list for myself as a starting point for freelance opportunities in topic areas of interest, but others may find it helpful as well:

47 freelance environmental writing gigs

  1. AJ (Alternative Journal – Canada) – Payment is $0.10/word
  2. The American Gardener (American Horticultural Society) – Payment is $300-$600 upon publication.
  3. AMC Outdoors – Payment is $150-$750 per article upon acceptance DOE and length.
  4. American Forests Magazine –  Payment unspecified. You can also contribute to their Loose Leaf blog on a volunteer basis.
  5. Appalachian Trail Journeys Magazine – Pays $25 – $300. 30% freelance written. Contact for complete guidelines.
  6. The Appalachian Voice – Payment unspecified. For more details, contact
  7. Aubodon Magazine – Payment unspecified. For more details, contact
  8. Bay Nature – Pays 30 days after publication, rate DOE. Also offers volunteer opportunities for writer submissions.
  9. BBC Wildlife Magazine – Payment unspecified but they seem to get a large number of queries. Beginners and students can also apply for short term unpaid work experience opportunities.
  10. Better Homes & Gardens – Pays upon acceptance, rate DOE.
  11. Beyond Your Blog – 12 Environmental Magazines that Pay Writers and 30 Green Living Submission Opportunities
  12. BirdWatching Magazine – Pays upon publication up to $400 for feature, rate DOE.
  13. Blue Mountain Arts – Pays $50-$300 per poem/greeting card writings, depending on publication rights. Request guidelines here.
  14. Earth First! Journal – Payment unspecified but contributor application suggests up to $200 a month for 20hrs/week commitment.
  15. Earth Island Journal– Pays $0.25/word for print stories and $50-$150 for online report. Contact
  16. The Environmental Magazine – Print magazine has converted to online so may no longer pay – use this form to submit ideas.
  17. Environment Magazine – Academic journal that also caters to citizens and touted to be “more readable” than specialized journals
  18. Environmental Practice Journal – Academic journal by National Association of Environmental Professionals.
  19. GreenBiz blog – No payment but good exposure.
  20. Green Living AZ – No payment but good exposure. More details here.
  21. The Green Parent – Pays £75 per 1000 words upon publication.
  22. Green Writer’s Press – Primarily for books and longer essays. Payment unspecified.
  23. Grist – Payment unspecified.
  24. High Country News – Pay is $0.50-$1.50 per word, DOE. Topics covering American West region. Submit pitches to
  25. Indeed writing gigs for “conservation writer“, “environmental writer” and “wildlife writer
  26. Love to Know – Pays $25-$100 per article. Apply by topic area (e.g. Green Living, Garden).
  27. Mother Earth Living – Payment unspecified. Send queries to
  28. Mother Earth News – Pays $25-$100 per published piece. Send queries to
  29. Mother Jones – Payment unspecified. Some limited opportunity for new freelancers.
  30. Mother Nature Network – No payment but your byline becomes part of state channel for additional opportunities. Contact details are here.
  31. National Geographic Kids Magazine – Payment unspecified.
  32. National Parks – Payment once story is accepted and proofed. Send queries to For more information, contact editor-in-chief, Rona Marech,
  33. Natural Life Magazine – No payment but will get author bio.
  34. The Nature Conservancy blogs (Cool Green Science and Conservancy Talks) – No payment but good exposure
  35. Nature Friend Magazine – (Children’s magazine) Pays .05/word upon publication for first rights.
  36. News for the Environmental Professional (National Association for Environmental Professionals) – No payment but great exposure.
  37. Northern Woodlands – Pays .10/word – $150 DOE. Also accept poems.
  38. One Green Planet – Payment unspecified.
  39. Orion – Payment unspecified. Please see online guidelines. Also accept poems.
  40. Sierra Magazine (Sierra Club) – Pays $250 – $1000. Send queries to
  41. South Carolina Wildlife – Pays about $0.20/word upon acceptance.
  42. Sustainable Brands – No payment but great exposure
  43. Texas Parks & Wildlife – Pays up to $500 upon publication.
  44. Triple Pundit – No payment but great exposure.
  45. Treehugger – Payment unspecified but must commit to at least 4 posts per week.
  46. Upwork writing gigs for “environmental“, “wildlife“, “sustainability“, “forests“, “gardening“, “climate change“, “horticulture“, “green tech
  47. Yes! Magazine – Pays $0.25-$0.50/word DOE.

16 helpful resources for environmental writing

  1. How to be a wildlife journalist (Conservation Careers)
  2. How to start out as a wildlife journalist (BBC Wildlife Magazine)
  3. How To Become an Environmental Writer (Environmental Science)
  4. How to Find Work and Succeed If You Want a Wildlife Job (Global Wildlife Resources)
  5. Green Careers: Environmental Journalism (Sierra Club)
  6. Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues (MIT Open Courseware)
  7. Open Notebook database of successful pitches – courtesy of Jane Braxton Little
  8. ’11 Step Guide’ to Writing Environmental Reports (Environmental Leader) – guide for writing the environmental section of corporate social responsibility reports.
  9. Writing for Environmental Professionals – seven week online distance learning class from Duke University (~$1000)
  10. Using AI (IBM Watson) for exploring climate change relationships (Earth Network News)
  11. International Society of Sustainability Professionals education and webinars
  12. How much money do science writers make? from the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
  13. How a scientist becomes a freelance science writer from Science Geek Girl
  14. Environmental Reporter career profile by Eco Canada
  15. Twitter list of 580+ environment handles by Julie Yamamoto (list feed is here).
  16. 13 Sustainability Newsletters Worth Your Time (Triple Pundit)

13 additional job boards for environmental writing

  1. Nature Publications (Freelance Writing)
  2. Wikipedia list of environmental magazines and publications
  3. Green writing jobs on GreenBiz job board
  4. Environmental Career Writer Jobs (primarily full time)
  5. Journalism Jobs list from SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists)
  6. Writing for Nature Job Board List (Writing for Nature)
  7. Career and Educational Opportunities in Ecology, Conservation & other Environmental Sciences by Tom Langen, Clarkson University (also includes great list of related associations, NGOs, government organizations)
  8. GoodWorkca Jobs – Canada’s green job board (can search Green Media/Journalism category)
  9. Idealist remote writing jobs – includes all writing types so have to scroll to find environmental ones
  10. Naturejobs blog – online resource for scientists in academia and industry who seek guidance in developing their careers.
  11. Garden Writers Association – has a job board but must be a paying member to access
  12. Inside Climate News – jobs and freelance opportunities
  13. for “environmental“, “sustainability“, “gardening“, and “wildlife

35 environmental blogs

  1. The Beacon (Oceana)
  2. Climate Progress (Think Progress)
  3. Cool Green Science (The Nature Conservancy)
  4. Development in a Changing Climate (World Bank)
  5. Dot Earth Blog (NY Times)
  6. Ecocentric (Time)
  7. EEPro (North American Association for Environmental Education)
  8. Environmental Capital (WSJ)
  9. Global Explorers Blog (New England Aquarium)
  10. GreenBiz
  11. Guardian Sustainable Business blog
  12. HuffPost Green
  13. Human Nature (Conservation International)
  14. IIED (Intl Institute for Environment and Development)
  15. Impatient Optimists (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
  16. IUCN (Intl Union of Concerned Scientists)
  17. Landscapes for People, Food and Nature
  18. Market Forces (Environmental Defense Fund)
  19. Mission Blue (Sylvia Earle Alliance)
  20. Mongabay
  21. National Geographic News Watch
  22. National Wildlife Federation
  23. blog (mainly for academia and scientists)
  24. The Nature Conservancy blog
  25. New Security Beat (Wilson Center Environmental Change and Security Program)
  26. NRDC Switchboard (Natural Resources Defense Council)
  27. Ocean Health Index
  28. Scientific American
  29. SNAPP – Science for Nature and People Partnership (collaboration between TNC, WCS, NCEAS at University of California)
  30. Species360
  31. Sierra Club blogs
  32. State of the Planet (Earth Institute at Columbia University)
  33. Triple Pundit
  34. WRI Insights (World Resources Institute)
  35. Yale Environment 360

14 additional freelance writing resources

  1. Freelancer resources from SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists) – includes educational resources, job board links and more
  2. How I made over $4k on my first month on Upwork (Bren on the road)
  3. 101 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Entrepreneur)
  4. The Ultimate List of Freelance Writing Jobs and 100+ Paying Websites from Freelance Writing Riches
  5. Best Companies for Freelance Writing Jobs (Ranker)
  6. Get Paid to Travel: 30 Travel Magazines That Pay Writers up to $1,000 Per Article
  7. Magazines That Hire Freelance Writers
  8. Get Paid to Write: 10 Magazines That Pay $500 or More from The Write Life
  9. 5 Best Job Sites for Writers (Jobscan)
  10. MediaBistro work from home jobs
  11. 5 Ways to Win More Freelance Writing Jobs (Robert Half Creative Group)
  12. 101 Niches to Write About (lists 5 for Green Living) from All Freelance Writing
  13. Flexjobs current list of remote part-time writing gigs
  14. Dotdash (formerly current list of writer gigs

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