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Mobile development – secrets of successful projects

Mobile development teams were under tremendous pressure to deliver successful projects, and the challenge was growing. Gartner predicted that by the end of 2017, market demand for enterprise mobile app development services would outstrip IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them by five to one. At the same time, developer influence on the IT decision-making process was continuing to grow. With these forces in mind, the IBM MobileFirst team commissioned a market research study to discover the drivers for successful mobile development projects, specifically what were the key differentiators for successful mobile application development projects (vs. less successful ones) that helped enable them to fully meet budget, schedule and project objectives. The study surveyed 585 mobile app developers and development managers across nine countries about mobile development projects and processes.

The market goals for the study were as follows:

  • Elevate IBM’s profile and engagement with those overseeing enterprise application development.
  • Build a community, awareness, and demand around the MobileFirst platform
  • Establish a case for a cross-platform approach to mobile application development


As the Content Marketing Lead and Creative Director, I managed creative design, production and deployment of content assets including the white paper, infographics, social tile graphics, and landing pages (see the gallery of major study assets for visual assets, including Japanese versions of the assets). Additional assets that I produced or led development of include the following.

Study photo selection
Study photo selection
Study landing page layout and copy
Study landing page layout and copy
Internal employee engagement page (Produced)
Internal employee engagement page (Produced)
Internal employee enablement page (Produced)
Internal employee enablement page (Produced)
White paper / ebook - Content marketing lead
White paper / ebook – Content marketing lead / Creative director


Executive status update (Produced)
Executive status update (Produced)
Interactive quiz game – Content marketing lead / Creative director






Key results included:

  • Featured in the MobileFirst client roundtable at the Gartner Symposium
  • Featured in the MobileFirst booth and in keynote at IBM Insight
  • Featured on Silicon Angle and theCUBE live video interview
  • Featured in two speaker sessions at the IBM MobileFirst Festa 2015 at the IBM Client Experience in Japan with 93k social mentions during the event.
  • Featured in an interview with the MobileFirst leader in Japan on the IBM-J Tumblr blog
  • 6.4M Twitter impressions
  • 339k email impressions
  • Provided a strong case for the cross-platform approach of the MobileFirst platform and the added capabilities that came with the acquisition of StrongLoop
  • Raised the profile of IBM MobileFirst’s strategy and portfolio
  • Strengthened IBM’s market leadership in the mobile development space
  • Increased dialogue including Silicon Angle, theCUBE (video interview), Mobile Business Insights, developerWorks and IBM CAI blog coverage

Study description

Mobile is the new normal, and it enables enterprises to interact and engage with customers and employees in novel ways.  But as mobile apps take center stage, development teams face enormous pressure, having to continually adapt to changing mobile technologies and user expectations.  How do some development projects deliver great applications—meeting expectations, on time and on budget—when most don’t? The secret, it turns out, lies in having both the right team and the right approach.

  1. Strong team with the right expertise
  2. Flexibility through cloud-based platforms and APIs
  3. Collaboration across the ecosystem
  4. Innovation through analytics

Firmographics: 585 mobile app developers and development managers from 9 countries (U.S., Canada, India, Germany, UK, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil). Mix of industries, excluding government. Company size of 1000+

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